Counter-Strike 1.6 2022 Download Setup Installation

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Counter-Strike 1.6 2022 Download Setup Installation

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Counter Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike 1.6 (cs) is most powerful and still remains most playable game (fps shooter) all around the world. It has custom modded content which is created by the community over the years. When you turn on CS 1.6 what you will see that there is not much players in many servers, but many of them are boosted servers (cs boost) which is gaining players by paying money to somebody else who is having their own Master Server.

Master Server:
Masterserver (ms) is a server where all cs counterstrike servers is sending their own servers to mirror it in the list. It happens when somebody uses Find Servers and goes to the Internet tab list. These players (gamers) of counter-strike is getting a big chance to visit best Cstrike servers. (Cstrike is a half-life modded which fully came out as a separate game in 2003 - version 1.6). There are plenty of mods created through the years, many custom game types.
We would list it up right here:
Public/Classic, CSDM, Deathrun, Zombie Plague, BaseBuilder, GunXP (it can be Zombie Plague+GunXP, Surf+GunXP, Umbrella Swarm+GunXP and much more variations of the game), Halloween mod, Surf, Kreedz(jumping), Hide'n'Seek (hns), Catch mod, Deathmatch, Respawn, FFA (free for all), MIX, Gather and much more.
There are plenty good plugins meant to give a good atmosphere over the servers. Quake sounds, VIP online, VIP menu, Ultimate Kill streak sounds, Death Skull Sprite effect, lasermines, sentryguns, speed, kill counter, frag leader, ammo packs leader, jetpack+bazooka (jp+bazooka), bazooka itself, votekick, voteban (to reduce lamming or cheating players - speedhack, aimhack, spinhack,norecoil, nospread)

As for now the counter-strike is still developed by Reversed Engine. It became with some changes like: dproto usage was changed to reunion, amxmodx were modified as reamxmodx. Many good aditions for server hosters/owners became to catch hacking players with ReAuth, ReSRDetector, ReAimDetector and much more.


For people who have bad network connection or even not able to play LAN they always can practice offline. There is some good stuff made - zBots or practically call them bots. You can choose their difficulty: easy, normal, hard, expert. Each difficulty has their own advantages. As you know, you will never become a good player since you're playing with n00bs, bad players, newbies or whatever you call it. All you have to do to become the best version of CS 1.6 player is to practice along with the advanced players or Hard Bots. Those players/gamers knows exactly what this game meant to be and how it should be played.

There are few gamemodes:
Hostage scenario - CS_ maps (cs_office, cs_italy, cs_assault) where you need to go to the terrorist base and just rescue the hostages to CT (counter-terrorist) spawn. Terrorists (TT or T) need to safe them from rescue. Each team wins or lose something. Rescuers after mission of hostage rescue is done they receive some amount of cash money and wins the round. Terrorists lose the round and lose some money.

Defuse bomb scenario - DE_ maps (most popular is de_dust, de_dust2, de_dust2_2x2, de_aztec, de_nuke). Terrorists must reach the plant while eliminating enemies (this time it is CT's) and plant the C4 explosive bomb. As the main setting set in the game for bomb countdown is 35 seconds, but you can find custom servers where this setting is adjusted by the server administrator.

FY_ or AIM_ maps is use by the players who wants to practice their gameplay or aiming skills. It is a very good opportunity to take a place in these maps or servers. You will always feel some encouragment to make a good fragging scene and this way you will build your experience level of Counter-strike game.

Surf_ where you can just spend your time very nicely and feel the relaxing view of this game. Sometimes you can find respawn servers (respawn after death, revive)

Zm_ - the most popular gamemode nowadays. Zombie Plague (Biohazard, Zombie Infection). In this game there are plenty of gamemodes happening in each round. It can be Normal infection, nemesis round, survivor round, assassin round, sniper round, Swarm mode, multiple infection mode. ZP 4.3 or ZP 5.0.8 is the most popular gamemodes of this Zombie mod scenarios. There are plenty of new custom addons like previous mentioned Jetpack+Bazooka, lasermines, golden ak47, golden m4a1, golden m5, golden bullets, multijump (multijumps in mid-air while double pressing SPACE or +jump bind)

Useful commands to console (to open console press ~ aka ` on your keyboard - one button upper that TAB):

Code: Select all

White crosshair - cl_crosshair_color "250 250 250" (use quotes, otherwise it wont be in white color)
no centered crosshair on sniper weapons - crosshair 0
Knife in left, gun in right hand - cl_lw 1
name "changenamehere" - use quotes too, because if you place a space in your nickname while changing in the console you will only get result before space.
bind v "say /vipmenu" - if you have bought a VIP in some server. Press V and you will automatically write /vipmenu in chat!
bind MWHEELUP +duck (double ducking is cool thing in counter-strike, because it makes your enemies miss the shots on you) - to do double duck spin mouse wheel up and at the same moment press CTRL
bind MWHEELDOWN +jump (better choice to make a better bunnyhop)
What we offer?

* We offer fully working game client of Counter-Strike (cs)
* Working masterservers (no more Could not retrieve.. error in Internet tab). Internet list servers around the globe and world
* Anti-slowhack (no changes could be done by other servers to your client) system
* Newest game patch and crack version (revEmu)
* Bots-zBots
* Unchanged version of the game for the full experience
* default skins, weapon models
* Only 210MB setup install .exe file!
* Clear config.cfg (player config)

We don't offer you a very big mess modded game client with many customizations. We want you to have a peace and quality gameplay in best servers offered by us! as you know, modded content makes the game or gameplay very unstable, can cause crashes or some other errors!

Free Counter-Strike 1.6 download!