VIP Features and purchase info!

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VIP Features and purchase info!

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VIP Features

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1. Armor boost every spawn (200 Armor).

2. Parachute (auto activated when falling to take no damage).

3. VIP premium skins (7 skins included).

4. VIP weapons in trader unlocked.

5.VIP hud text, VIP text instead of ping in score TAB and VIP logo in the left side of the nick in Scoreboard.

6. Perk extra bonuses (damage, speed and etc.).

7. Can buy Dog turret and Shield.

8. Super Guns unlocked at 21LvL (non-VIP 30LvL).
Payment by SMS prices
SMS cost for Lithuania costs 5.79EUR/1Month. Other countries SMS prices may differ.

Payment by PayPal or Bank prices
PayPal or Bank payment costs 4EUR/1Month.

Contact on Skype : brake.neck
Contact on Steam :
Contact on Discord : @StrikeAirForce(edited)