!!a list of suggestions for improving the server!!

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!!a list of suggestions for improving the server!!

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Hello dear server players, I want to present you with a list of suggestions for improving the server:
1.Adding features to perks.
1.1. The Support specialist perk gives armor instead of grenades
1.2. Perk Commander add a perk feature after level 60 double damage in the back. "Fear" grenade - monsters start to run away into loose
1.3. Berserker grenade perk that lures monsters
1.4. Sharpshooter grenade perk deals bonus damage to the head
1.5. Perk Demolitions add to the store a special grain like a grenade that is in roulette
1.6. Perk Gunslinger grenade temporarily giving increased movement speed, both for yourself and for your followers
1.7. The Rembo perk gives ammo containers instead of grenades
1.8. Perk Warior grenades stop the movement of monsters
These proposals are made on the basis of increasing the interaction of players with each other. And the improvement of individual perks.
2. If there are changes to perks, then there must be fixes.
2.1. Increased player ammo consumption (a little more supply containers will be needed to replenish the combat stock.
2.2. Slightly reduce movement speed for individual perks that have this advantage over other perks
3. Since a new "HOE" server will be added soon, I would like to see the diversity among the monsters.
3.1. Adding new monsters
3.2. Adding new bosses to the end (there may be 2 different bosses appearing at once)
3.3. Adding to roulette or just on a random wave the appearance of mini bosses
3.4. Increase in the amount of health and damage of monsters.
3.5. Add a rank system only for the "HOE" server, for those who have already pumped to level 100. Pumped up to level 100, your level becomes 1 again, but your characteristics of level 100 are preserved. The rank is the same level system only infinite. To now become level 100 again, you will need 2 times more experience, and so each rank. 1 rank-1x, 2rank-2x, 3rank-4x and so on. The rank will add additional characteristics at a specific or each level
4. Adding a new perk engineer / mechanic. The concept of a perk, the creation of turrets, obstacles to the movement of monsters, the possession of interesting and varied weapons and weapons. I suggest the following characteristics of the engineer / mechanic perk.
4.1. +% Engineer / Mechanic Weapon Damage
4.2. +% Damage Engineer / Mechanic Turrets
4.3. +% increased maximum health for turrets / obstacles
4.4. +% increased ammo for turrets
4.5. +% increased Engineer / Mechanic Ammo
4.6. % Discount on Engineer / Mechanic Weapons
4.7. % Discount on turrets
4.8. The turrets are repaired with a special welding machine, which is only at the engineer / mechanic
4.9. To replenish the ammo stock at the turrets, you need ammunition containers.
4.10. To increase the level of the perk, I propose the following options: inflict certain numerical damage with class weapons and turrets / inflicting damage with class weapons and turrets, as well as the numerical value of welding / inflicting damage with perk weapons and separately inflicting damage with turrets.
5. I suggest changing / removing / updating weaponry perk, since players mostly use one or two sets of weapons. As an example, the Berserker perk mainly uses the Zabuzas Sword. I wish Blazing Stalagmite Sword would turn into a one-hit sword, so that players had a choice, quick attacks or one swing and everyone would die.

Thank you, I hope you liked something from my suggestions. ;)

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