Hunter perk.

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Hunter perk.

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Hello dear players, I'm back with my offer. Fantasy played out. :D
I still do not fully understand the concept of this server. :?
Hunter perk.
Feature of the perk: he will fight, both in the vicinity, killing with melee weapons, and from afar. Can place traps, summon a pet for help
I think you can make the perk feature a chance to apply bleeding overlay on the enemy. The damage will depend on the maximum damage dealt. The maximum percentage of the chance of inflicting bleeding on the enemy is 10-15% at lvl 100, bleeding damage 3-5%, bleeding duration 2-5 seconds

Weapons: Bow, crossbow, crossbow saw, submachine gun with silencer, hunting rifle, bear trap, one-handed-two-handed daggers (melee), pet summon, throws knives instead of grenades.
Perk stats: since he will fight up close, I think it's logical to make resistance to all damage taken up to 30-50% at lvl 100. The hunter is assumed to be mobile, so you need to add movement speed, but less than the barbarian and the berserker.
+% increased hunter weapon damage
+% ammo ammo increase
+% resistance to all damage taken
+% increased movement speed
+% Chance of inflicting Bleeding
+% increased Pet Health/Damage
+% increase in grenades (max 10-20)
+% increased attack speed with melee weapons

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