Killing Floor v1065 NoSteam (Torrent) + AutoUpdater + DLC

Free Killing Floor V1065 version full game (Direct or Torrent download KF). Setup installation for Windows OS.
Unlocked DLC weapons and player characters (models, skins), all perks 6lvl + unlocked achievements. Working online servers, newest version, best coop (multiplayer) zombie survival game, kf, kf1, kf setup. Easy installation, works on WIN10. internet servers browser, killing floor servers
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Killing Floor v1065 NoSteam (Torrent) + AutoUpdater + DLC

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Killing Floor V1065 Version free Game setup download

Killing Floor is a multiplayer cooperative survival horror franchise developed by Tripwire Interactive and first made available in 2005. Players fight waves of specimen created by the Horzine corporation with the difficulty rising with each wave.

It has various multiplayer servers with custom modifications. Servers may be vanilla (not modded servers, many of them are whitelisted)

Whats is whitelist in Killing Floor?

Servers gain whitelist status when they aren't using any of unwhitelisted mutators (something like in other games plugins). Whitelisted servers can let you level up your client side perks whilst earning achievements at the moment.

What perks are made in Killing Floor?

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1. Field medic.
Small description: Field medic's mission is to fulfill his teammates health points to be able to survive until the boss(Patriarch) comes. He's gaining level xp for healing his teammates.

2. Support specialist
Small description: His job is to weld the doors to gain his level xp and to shoot them zombies with the shotguns. Yes, he is powerful on higher levels! 

3. Commando
Small description: Gain xp while killing stalkers and gaining damage xp with rifles.

4. Sharpshooter
Small description: Gain headshot kill stats to achieve higher levels. He does it with sniper and pistol rifles.

5. Demolition
Small description: Gain explosive damage with every gun that does this  type of damage (M32 or M79 and etc). Good to shoot on bigger zed groups.

6. Firebug
Small description: Gain fire damage with fire weapons.

7. Berserker
Small description: Gain melee damage with katana, chainsaw or something else who stabs them zombies.

What are zombies aka specimens in Killing Floor (KF) (KF1 - KF2)?

Crawler, Clot, Gorefast, Stalker, Siren, Bloat, Scrake, Fleshpound
The last one on the last wave is the Patriarch. Big boss zombie with the chaingun and rocket launcher. Can cloak, run and heal himself for 2 times.

There are difficulties: Beginner (rarely meet them in the game), Normal (popular diff), Hard (for more experienced players), Suicidal or Hell on Earth (HoE).

What our Killing Floor installation of the game provides?

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1. Working game with fully cracked patch!
2. Working solo game
3. Working Internet tab
4. Added WS-GAMING.EU both Normal and Hard servers!
5. Easy to change nickname
6. Newest version of the game 1065 patch + AutoUpdater.
7. No hidden binds or anything else. Just clean installation of the game.
What is Killing Floor?
Killing Floor (kf, kf1) is a horror cooperative game. Up to 6 players in lobby, but most of the times nowadays you will see more than 10 players in servers and more. The atmosphere in the gameplay fits very well. The main game objective is to stay alive till the boss (The Patriarch) will come. Waves count depends on server's administrator settings. There are Short,Medium and Long game durations. For sure there a different gameplay difficulties on some game servers - Begginer, Normal, Hard, Hell On Earth, Suicidal. Zeds/Specimen waves size depends on players online in server and the difficulty setting.
Many server uses their own perk system (ServerPerks, ScrnBalance) with their own decided max perk level. On our we offer you a Normal and Hard difficulties server with custom mutators, weapons, specimens/zeds/zombies and a Long game duration. Long game lasts 10 waves and the last wave 11/10 is Boss wave. Every wave becomes harder to end successfully without death.

How to install?
Just use the download button below, unzip the package and run the killingfloorv1065setup.exe!

After succesful installation dont forget to launch the game Run as Administrator! If you won't do this somehow you will get banned message while trying to connect on some server.
Run as Administrator creates your unique PlayerID and your perks won't disappear on any server. Reinstall causes getting a new PlayerID and your levels are lost on some server).

Non vanilla servers hosted with ServerPerks mutator. You aren't able to have same perks in every server this way, but I bet you won't leave if you have your favorite server.

Killing Floor gameplay videos:

Click on the link below!

TORRENT DOWNLOAD KILLING FLOOR v1065 Non-Steam + ALL DLC unlocked + AutoUpdater!!!


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